Trillionaire Tactic No. 3: Swing on the Grapevine
Entry for 2017-04-18

Excerpted from Chicken Little Portfolio Theory (filed under "The Skeptical Investor")
You need access to insiders, but not the kind of insiders who make insider trades. Before this is over, those fools could be burning their stock certificates to keep warm. And never mind the insides of the Wall Street Journal and Barron's and Business Week. That's the public trough.
What you want are private advisers who know what's really going on. People who can give you Ten Shocking Predictions for 2007, Six Powerful Keys to Financial Survival, and Hidden Danger Signs All the Economists Have Overlooked Except Me.
Where can you find such advisers? Never mind; they'll find you. If you've ever bought a share of stock, they've been trading your name with each other and they're in the mail.
Hulbert's Financial Digest tracks 180 more or less mainstream investment newsletters, but if you search the web for "hard-money investment advisors," Google reports 146,000 results. There must be some misunderstanding; but then, that's what makes a market.