Pest Control
Entry for 2017-11-08

Science has done it again
           ho hum
Chemists financed by

Ingenious devils found
           a way
to kill mosquitoes still
Over the ponds where breeds disease
substance derived from pe-tro-le-um
spreads a thin though lethal scum
           hoo ray

All those pupa tubes
           like hair
raised in swamps to suck
           our air
Out of the ground comes sour crude
refined from eons in the bog
Breathes there a tube that this can't clog?
           La guerre!

Derricks throng the sea
           and seethe
filling tankers, spilling
of riches, black from the hand of man
Over the ocean spreads the scum,
wonder wrought by pe-tro-le-um
           Now breathe