There's the Bell
Entry for 2017-11-12

Things appear for reasons.
Reasons appear for things.

The ring announces there's a bell,
so there's a bell. And sure as hell,
if there is a bell... it rings

It's a call to mate or to salivate
or to fold with a pair of kings.
To the ding-ding jingling clang or gong,
the trains pull out and the planes take wing,
the boxers box and the singers sing
and everyone sings along:
jingles for soap and for soda pop,
so the shippers ship and the shoppers shop.
It's all arranged at the stock exchange,
and you can't sit still for long.

2. Nature & Nurture

If cradle training taught you well,
you learned which bell's for you:
when you counted ribs or the bars on cribs,
noting nipples, inscribing bibs
with what was what and who was who,
learned on your fingers the proper things
your own bell tells when you hear it ring,
how you go to hell if you hear the bell
and you don't know what to do.

But how, pray tell, do the ringers of bells
know when it's time to ring?


Things appear for reasons.
Reasons appear for things.

3. Listen to Reason

All effects have causes,
and causes have effects

From a primal pulse in the protostars
comes time and space and the Earth and Mars
and igneous rocks and pterosaurs
with a double helix (yin and yang)
for yeast, a beast, an orangutang.
In the order of things, you're next

But why are we here? Why you?
               Why not?
Why is there anything at all?
Was it in the news, who lit the fuse?
Did the markets crash after the fall?

4. Author, Author

Did Newton, Darwin, and Einstein know?
Did Archimedes hold the key?
They've hidden it well, what rings the bell,
               all sworn to secrecy.
In god we trust, if trust we must,
but what could it hurt to come out and tell?

William Blake, you're a perfect snake:
you promised us Plan B.
Forsaking science and mother church,
matter, reason, the law, and hell,
you heard god's voice, you say?
Saw souls, saw angels in a tree,
and prophesied a glorious day
---which never dawned. You heard your bell,
and Tiger, Tiger slunk away

5. Time Out

Through numbers and names and ritual flames,
through wizards, prophets, and seers,
through the ivied halls and Jericho's walls,
we look for the rules beneath the game
and the fools beneath the gears

Our answers are right, all right. We know.
The questions are wrong, that's all.
And the bells are tricks. We're not so thick,
just slow. We need more time

If instead of apes we had come from grapes,
we wouldn't just yet be wine