The Great Chain of Being
Entry for 2017-03-18

Father Cog
taught me everything I know;
for example, the Creator,
quintessentially a peach,
would insist
on inventing every being
that could possibly exist
on the hierarchic chain:
     devil, dog,
lobster, angel, saint and sot,
there were purposes for each
though not all of them were caught
by Father Cog,
who, no matter how he tried,
learned at half the speed he taught,
so he soon ran out of reasons
     and he died

There's a great chain of being
in the sod.

When a spirit is released
and the earth accepts its prize,
down the strata of existence
from bacterium to grub
comes the feast:
breeding humus, feeding roots,
every lichen gets its shrub,
every chub that nibbles shoots
     comes to dinner.

Seedlings sprout and saplings rise,
bumblebees are jamboreeing,
creatures every shape and size
through the great chain of being:
true salvation for the sinner.

Decomposing, man ascends,
     resurrecting from the bog,
and his destiny unlimbers
as he lumbers up the timbers.
In the branches, birds are singing,
"Father Cog!"