Nature Study
Entry for 2017-04-16

Cardinal's up in the crabapple tree, calling his wife. Makes a sharp chipping sound, easy to locate. I holler, "She runned off with a bluejay!" Birds are ignorant. If you don't talk ignorant, they don't understand what you're saying. He keeps chipping. He knows she wouldn't see anything in a big bruiser like a jay except a big bruise. Another cardinal, maybe. Officially, cardinals mate for life, and so do we. Finally she shows up and has a lot of explaining to do, during which they both fidget. He's been saving some food for her. Once he's satisfied with the explanation, he regurgitates in her mouth. Now we're all three happy, for three different, species-specific, gender-specific reasons. Next time I talk to the cardinal, I'll imitate his call and wonder if he's going to imitate mine, like the minah bird who looked soberly at the customer in a pet shop and said, "I can talk. Can you fly?"