My Stain
Entry for 2017-08-04

My stain, my true stain,
my enduring,
dyed in the wool stain
in my true carpet,
time cannot tear us apart.
Me it can tear apart,
not us and not you.
Time may shred this carpet
but you, lasting sign,
bruise-colored true stain,
will ever be mine,
forever remain

I created you.
Remember that.

God knows what I spilled
but even he knows
absolutely no solution
to remove you from me.
Cold water?
Lord have mercy on us.
Caustic soda?
Christ have mercy on us.
Bleach, I beseech you,
mother of ammonia,
pray for us

Stain of my floor,
I pledge my faith
and I swear:

Yes, I was with
the cleaning lady
but there is nothing there,
nothing there